Abstract Kinetic Mirror Artwork by Godfried Lonis, 1977

Abstract Kinetic Mirror by Godfried Lonis (September 1916 – January 2007), 1977. Lonis had his art training at De Vrije Academie in Amsterdam. Godfried had made his very first mirrored object in 1966 which he submitted to the art show' De Haagse Salon' and won 1st prize. This recognition inspired him to further develop his art. Short after he joined Gallery Orez along with fellow ‘Haagse Neo Constructivisten’ Jan Schoonhoven, and Lon Pennock. After doing a number of group art shows, he joined the renowned Galerie Nouvelles Images. The work of Lonis is based on the philosophical idea of the playful human, Homo-Ludens. His sculptures, usually composed of wood, glass, perspex and mirrors are often reconfigurable or interactive. He experimented in the Op-Art realm by using mathematical rhythms in mirrored pieces and contrasting colors in wooden panels. This particular work is really characteristic of the work of Lonis, minimal is the use of material yet with an interesting and smart play of lines with a high level of refined and aesthetic craftsmanship. In perfect original condition with a characteristic wear on the mirrors caused by its age.

DIMENSIONS: W 55 x D 5 x H 55 cm
PRICE: € 3200