Jose Zanine Caldas Sculptural Monoxyle Wooden Chair, Brazil 1970s

Rare sculptural cubic shaped chair by Jose Zanine Caldas (1919-2001), Brazil 1978. Amazing piece all hand carved out of a huge piece of solid Pequi wood which shows an incredible woodgrain and insane year rings. The strong chosen hand carved shapes and refined flowing lines and reveals the great artistic talent and extremely skilled craftsmanship of Caldas. The piece feels brute yet refined in perfectly balanced harmony. The chair is restored with respect for the originality and is showing a lot of character, the power of the piece of wood and gained a beautiful patina over the years. Signed at the top of the backrest with the impressed mark: Zanine. In excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 68 x D 68 x H 76 / SH 34cm