Andrea Cascella Sculptural wooden side table

Sculptural wooden side table by the famous Italian artist Andrea Cascella (1919 - 1990), Italy 1980s. The table has the title 'Legame come metamorfosi' which refers to the connections and transformation the table can make, actually it more a sculpture serving as the base of a table. Cascella was known for his interesting interlocking sculptures and is in the collection from many important museums. This sculptural table was produced in a number of 200, it is the last number of the serie and is stamped at the bottom 200/200. Made from African Walnut which has a beautiful warm dark brown tone and a very smooth and subtle surface when carved. The choice of wood makes the round shapes stand out perfectly and creates nice exposed dark shadow lines which accentuetes the forms. The glass top lays loose on the base in order to be able to also use it as a sculpture, table is very solid and stable. In excellent original condition.

DIMENSIONS: Ø 65 x H 50 cm
PRICE: € 6800