Sculptural Ceramic coffee table by Rolando Hettner, Italy 1950s

Ceramic coffee table by Rolando Hettner (1905 - 1978), Italy 1950s. Hettner was born in Florence coming from a family of renowned artists. His father, Otto Hettner, was one of the first impressionist painters in Germany. Hettner attended the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany where he studied under Otto Dix. Back in Italy (due to the regime going on in Germany) Hetnerr moved to Milan, after the war he started to create work in ceramic. This table is from the 50s and is showing an interesting sculptural base which took its inspiration from the hot water springs / bath’s in Tuscany. The ceramic is finished with a spectacular glaze in multiple fresh colors. On top of the base lay’s a 19 mm thick glass top. The table is signed: R H. In excellent original condition.

DIMENSIONS: Ø 100 x H 40 cm