Nerone & Patuzzi coffee table for Gruppo NP2, Italy 1970s

Nerone & Patuzzi coffee table mod. C10T for Gruppo NP2, Italy ca. 1972. Sculptural solid wooden base with strong geometrical forms creating an amazing architectonic piece. Made in a limited number of 100 pieces; this is number 64 - 100. Nerone stained the wood in a unique way, partly with the use of a flame and then added multiple layers of colored wax finish layers to create a nice dept. The finish of the table is very well preserved and gained extra character over the years which let the piece really stands out. The table is further more equipped with lead elements and black rubber details to carry the clear round glass top. Gruppo NP2 was founded in 1962 by Nerone Ceccarelli & Giancarlo Patuzzi. Nerone was the creator of the artworks, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and Florence and moved to Turin in 1957. Nerone was inspired by the art and architecture from the Bauhaus movement and Constructivism which had an important influence on his style. The table is signed and stamped on the large lead plate: Nerone Ceccarelli, NP2 Torino Italia- A64-100. Provided with the original label by Forme e Superfici. In excellent original condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 106 x D 95 x H 37 - 40,5 cm / Glass top: Ø 90 cm
PRICE: € 28.000