Guggenheim Ceramic Sculpture by A.Ba.Co. for New Land, Italy 1970s

Rare Guggenheim ceramic sculpture by A.Ba.Co. for New Land, Italy 1970s. The object was part of the ’Monuments’ collection produces in a very small limited number together with the Velasca tower, Ronchamp church and Opera House. It was designed as a ‘serious’ funny object created out of these serious important buildings to use in daily life. Each piece in this new domestic scale has a daily function: the Guggenheim becomes an eggcup, Literature: Casa Vogue Magazine # 40 - September 1975 - pages 190-191, see last photo. Great object which will immediately catch the eye and will add a lot of character to the place. In a perfect condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 18 x D 27 x H 15 cm
PRICE: € 2800