Collage on Paper by Werner Buser, Switzerland 1968

Collage on Paper by Werner Buser (Basel 1928 - 1994, Switzerland 1968. Buser studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel and made abstract work mainly collages mostly in paper / cardboard or wood, his work has strong graphic aesthetics. The work is composed of white, light grey and black paper. The three materials and organically shaped cuttings create a three dimensional feeling. We have a serie of three works available which really strengthen each other but they are of course strong individually as well. This work can also be hung vertical. The Work is signed at the front: W Buser, 68 and labeled at the back: Schnittcollage ‘Auf Augenhöhe’. Framed in the original wooden frame, protected by glass. In good original condition with signs of age on the paper which can be seen as the beauty of time.

DIMENSIONS: W 65 x D 4 x H 49 cm