Authentic 19th Century Greek Terracotta Pithari Jar

Authentic terracotta pithari or oil jar, Greece mid 19th Century. Beautifully hand thrown jar made by Koroni potters from southern Greece. The jar has a beautiful ribbed decoration and 'imperfect' irregular form which gives the pot a very sculptural appearance. The patina occurred on the surface is created by time and nature and creates a wonderful drawing. These jars where produced to store olive oil back in the days, they receive their unique character due to the manual production proces, their unique color is the result of being fired in kilns fueled by olive pits. Due to the thick surface and extreme heat used to bake these pots and the practical function these authentic jars are extremely strong and can also resist freezing cold. In beautiful original condition with a stunning patina.

DIMENSIONS: Ø 56 cm x H 60,5 cm