Sculptural vase by Salvatore Meli, Italy 1950s

Sculptural vase by Salvatore Meli (Comiso 1929 - Rome 2011), Italy 1950s. Meli studied at the Academia di Belle Arte in Florence and became a significant figure in the Italian post war art movement. Meli's work stands in-between the poles of painting and sculpture. This particular vase stands out in its unusual organic sculpted shape, painting and texture. The vase is shaped out of plaster strengthened with cotton and metal wire inside, a very unique technique which Meli used in his early years. Due to this technique he was able to create extraordinary forms. Later he created the objects in more common materials such as terracotta, finished with glaze. This work is painted in the same technique as a painting and finished with a clear matte protection layer. Meli was inspired by the primitive artwork such as the Etruscan civilization, in this work we can see clearly he took primitive ancient way of pottery and painting as an inspiration. The vase is signed at the bottom: Meli. In excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 39 x D 39 x H 37 cm
PRICE: € 5800