Marguerite Carau wall tapestry, 1970s

Abstract wall tapestry by Marguerite Carau-Ischi (Zurich 1928), 1970s. Carau is educated as a painter but chose her career in making refined yet outspoken abstract compositions in natural fibers. Born in Zurich where textile art became a renowned profession since the 1920s where annual important contests took place, Carau participated several years at the important and inspiring 'Biennale de la tapisserie' in Lausanne. Due to this strong background, textile became an important art expression and was used as a medium to make artworks you would normally see in paint; this is clearly visible in this abstract work. Carau mainly worked in France. The work is composed out of a mix of natural dark colored Sisal and contrasting neutral fibers creating an interesting orientation of textures and color fields. The work reminds of the work of great abstract painters and parallels can be found in ethnical primitive tribal art. The work is signed by the artist and remains in excellent original condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 120 x D 4 x H 108 cm
PRICE: € 7500