Vuillermoz Polyhedron Bar Cabinet, France 1960s

Sculptural Polyhedron shaped bar cabinet by M. Vuillermoz for Dambrine, France 1960s. Stunning three dimensional design constructed out of solid Mahogany triangular elements merged together into a larger pentagonal shape and finished with nice brass details. Due to the combination of small Mahogany elements with its typical linear wood grain a very interesting play of lines appears which points out the polyhedron shapes even more. The three top panels can be folded open and give access to the bar, in the open position the panels can serve as a tray. The trays are finished with a beautiful polished brass circle, inside the bar a circular brass bottle and glass holder is situated. The wheels make sure the bar can be moved easily in any direction, a functional and esthetically element. In very good condition with a nice light patina on the brass elements.

DIMENSIONS: W 66 x D 66 x H 88 cm