Sculptural Lounge chair ‘Le Pacific’ by Georges Tigien, France 1950s

Sculptural lounge chair model ‘Le Pacific 2000’ by Georges Tigien, France 1950s. Interesting modernist design with the use of innovative materials such as the plastic rubber cord. The sharp, sleek lines in combination with the horizontally orientated grid of cords contrasts nicely with the black wooden frame and off white cords, resulting in a nice modernist graphic appearance. The chair is originally designed with cushions but we chose to leave the chair without them; the original cushions are available and in a good original condition. However, we would prefer more simple 5 cm thick cushions, to keep the focus on the sculptural frame. The chair can both be used with or without cushions but of course it will give a better support with. Cushions can be custom made upon request. The chair is in an excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 65 x D 87 x H 74 - SH 25 cm