Carlo Hauner & Martin Eisler Bookshelf, 1960s

Bookshelf by Carlo Hauner & Martin Eisler for Forma, 1960. Sophisticated minimal design consisting of a large chromed metal stem, black lacquered metal elements and fine Rosewood shelves. The Rosewood shelves can be rearranged in height. Beautiful to be placed free in the space but also lovely against a wall or in a corner. The stand has to be clamped between the floor and ceiling, easy to install and very solid. The height is variable between 294 cm and 315 cm but can also be extended upon request. Produced by Forma in Brescia Italy; the company founded by Martin Eisler after he moved from Austria to Brazil. Later Eisler & Hauner teamed up and started Galeria Artisanal which was later becoming Forma.

DIMENSIONS: H 300 x W 68 x D 46 cm