‘Faux Bois’ ceramic bowl by Grandjean Jourdan, Vallauris 1950s

'Faux Bois' ceramic bowl by Grandjean Jourdan, Vallauris France 1950s. The southern French town of Vallauris is famous since centuries for ages, but the arrival of Picasso in the 1950s transformed it into a famous ceramics capital. Many other famous artist where had their atelier in Valauris among them artists like Chagall and Miró. As a result, a new era for artistic ceramics began in Vallauris. Atelier Grandjean Jourdan was active in Vallauris from the 1950s to 1981. The studio was known for its 'Faux Boix' decoration, where the ceramics were painted to resemble olive wood. The bowl is in excellent condition and has a surprisingly and playful appearance. We also have the vase from the same series available.

DIMENSIONS: W 42 x D 26 x H 13
PRICE: € 690