Snail lamp by Sergio Cammilli for Francesconi, Italy 1974

Snail lamp by Sergio Cammilli for Design Centre, Italy 1974. Early production manufactured by Francesconi, marked both on the outer shell and inner part. Sergio Cammilli founded the famous and outspoken design label Poltronova in 1957, he left the company in the 1970s to work as an independent designer. This was one of his independent works shortly after his Poltronova period, the idea came in the late 1960s and was finally produced in 1974. The lamp was quite experimental and has been produced for just a short time.
The lamp is shaped out of semi transparant fiberglass and has one light bulb inside covered by a white opaline glass ball which causes a nice diffuse and warm light.
The lamp is in a very good condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 60 x D 50 x H 35 cm