Jean Prouvé ‘Brise Soleil – Sun Shutter’, France 1960s

Jean Prouvé 'Brise Soleil - Sun Shutter designed in 1956, executed circa 1962-1965. Provenance: Cité Scolaire de la Dullague, Béziers, France. The shutters and frame are made from aluminum. The feet are made from heavy metal and are very stable which makes it possible to place the system free in the space to be used as a room divider or as a desirable playful object. Very interesting and important historical architectural object. The shutters are easily to be placed in different angles, all runs smoothly. In exceptional good condition; normal usage and beautiful subtle patina but no heavy dents. Furthermore all parts are there including the original chain mechanism inside the gold anodized aluminum frame.

DIMENSIONS: W 176 x D 38 x H 189 cm