Abstract Wooden artwork by Willem Buijs, 1966

Abstract wooden relief by Willem Buijs (1937 - 2007), The Netherlands 1966. Buijs studied at the academy of arts in Rotterdam. Beautiful 'Zero' art relief composed of 324 wooden block on a wooden panel and white miter made wooden frame. The blocks and background are all painted in the same off white color to catch the light in the same way but due to the variation in position it seems all the side have another hue. The work causing a beautiful play of light and shadows due to the regular placed blocks which catch the light all from another angle and therefore trow a very interesting shadow. Due to this changing view the work has a strong relation with the art movement 'Kineticism'. In very good condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 95 x D 95 x D 7 cm
PRICE: € 8900