Unique XL Kinetic Mobile Sculpture, 1960s

Unique XL Kinetic Mobile Sculpture, 1960s. The sculpture comes from an important private collection and has always stand in the patio of an interesting mid century modern villa in The Netherlands.
Unfortunately the family had no idea of the artist, only that the sculpture was purchased at the beginning of the sixties. The sculpture shows very interesting forms and shaped curved and has a very dynamic appearance. The sculpture is made from heavy solid metal and is balancing on one metal ball joint. Due to this flexible connection it can be moved in different positions. Made with great artistic feeling and craftsmanship. The work really breathes it age and although repainted many times over the years it shows a great patina. The quality and style has many similarities with the work of Alexander Calder.
The sculpture can both be placed outside or inside.

DIMENSIONS: W 192 x D 70 x H 140 cm