African Baoulé Chair, Ivory Coast early 20th century

African Baoulé Chair, early 20th century. Unique chair used by the Baoulé people (Akan tribe) from Ivory Coast in Western Africa.
These chairs where traditionally used as a meditation chair. The chair shows the typical design elements of a ‘Baoulé’ chair: low seat with a vertical back. This particular chair is different than most other Baule chairs, it shows nice decorative carvings and has more refined shapes. These chairs are traditionally reserved for members of the Poro (secret men’s) society, these chairs are offered by wives or female relatives to men after initiation. The austere rigidity of the chair’s straight back was a sign of their new social standing and dignity.
Very decorative object with a characteristic patina.

DIMENSIONS: W 51 x D 52 x H 56 / seat 23