French Ceramic ‘Grès de La Borne’ Vase by Montreau Lohoff, 1975

Sculptural ceramic vase by Elke Montreau-Lohoff, France 1975. Elke Montreau-Lohoff is less known than Élisabeth Joulia but they worked together. The vase is created in the famous pottery village of La Borne, a place where many great artists had their ateliers. For centuries, the pottery-making tradition in La Borne flourished, with technical skills and knowledge passed down through families. From the early 1940s through the 1980s, La Borne was the epicenter of a distinct art movement revolutionizing the global expression of sculptural ceramics by putting clay and stoneware in the spotlight and highlighting its strength, color and texture through revolutionary shapes and glazes. This vase is a typical example of the Modern movement which was going on in La Borne, both in modern sculptural shape and expression in glaze.The vase is signed at the bottom (Montreau L 1975) and stays in an excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 22,5 x D 9,5 x H 21,5 cm
PRICE: € 1950