Modular ‘Strips’ sofa bij Cini Boeri for Arflex, Italy 1972

Large corner ’Strips” sofa desinged by Cini Boeri for Arflex, Italy 1972
A very comfortable sofa consisting out of five modular elements which allow a large variety of different combinations. Cini Boeri revolutionised the furniture industrie with the ‘Strips’ product range, and it became one other most iconic pieces by Arflex. Especially the way of upholstery makes it unique; a large cotton padded puffy backing which gives the upholstery it's unique volume and loose looks. The upholstery is completely redone in a high quality sand colored velvet, the foam inside is also redone by the original principle. The upholstery is treated with a nano technology protection layer to protect the fabric against stains and liquids of all types. It offers great comfort and is in very good condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 402 x D 210 x H62 x SH 34 cm