Set of three Large Burmese Ceramic Martaban Jars – Circa 18th century

Set of three large ceramic pots from the Martaban area of Burma, 18th century. These large and heavy stoneware jars were used to store food, drinkwater etc; they were partly put in the ground with the unglazed surface, to keep the content of the vessel cool. The vessels are provided with several layers of glazing and a beautiful oxidised patina that only comes with age resulting in a warm and deep browning colour pallet. All Jars are slightly different in size and and shape and show a variety of little interesting details such as the small handle and decorative ribbed detailing around the neck. Highly decorative pots in very good original condition.

S: Ø 46 x H 49 cm
M: Ø 45 x H 52 cm
L: Ø 44 x H 55 cm

DIMENSIONS: Ø 46 x H 49 cm